A Direct Support Professional’s (DSP) Personal Journey

A Direct Support Professional’s (DSP) Personal Journey

A heart warming story from the folks over at MOHR highlighting one direct support professional’s (DSP) personal journey to better the lives of others.

Read the original article here: Bettering the lives of others, direct support professional thrives in her role

SOURCE: http://mohrmn.org/about-us/success-stories/142-bettering-the-lives-of-others-direct-support-professional-thrives-in-her-role

Perspective from a Direct Support Professional

Perspective from a Direct Support Professional

Direct support professionals (DSPs) make big sacrifices and put their heart and soul into taking care of people. Here is a letter to the editor that was recently posted on Marshall Independent from a direct support professional (DSP) who works with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Article: DSP workforce shortage public health crisis

Read the letter in its entirety here: DSP workforce shortage ‘public health crisis’

Source: http://www.marshallindependent.com
Original Article link: http://www.marshallindependent.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/2017/04/dsp-workforce-shortage-public-health-crisis/

Thriving in a Healthcare Drought: A Case Study

Download Your Free Case Study: Thriving in a Healthcare Drought

The story of how a California provider managed to cut costs and increase quality as healthcare resources dissipate by implementing new innovative industry research findings.

Any provider that expects to survive and thrive in the future, must ACT NOW to proactively reinvent itself. Implementing these research findings is a practical, established action plan available now to enlightened agency leadership.

Download and read this case study to discover how this California provider:

  • Drastically cut workers comp premiums
  • Reduced unemployment insurance costs by 31.6%
  • Generated over $268,000 in annual savings for workers comp and unemployment insurance combined
  • Increased hourly compensation for direct support staff competitive with Walmart
  • Discovered two statistically distinct direct support roles
  • Cut turnover through improved recruiting and selection processes

Download Your Free Case Study: Thriving in a Healthcare Drought

Talintel Cuts Workers Comp Costs 45%, Reduces Turnover


Talintel Cuts Workers Comp Costs 45%, Reduces Turnover Through Innovative Online Screening

CARSON CITY, NV, January 17th, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — An innovative staffing process reduced workers compensation premiums by 45 percent and cut unemployment insured costs by nearly 32 percent for a human-services provider in California. Even better: Consumers and their families raved about the improvement in the caliber of the agency’s direct support staff and the enhanced quality of care the staff provided.

The nonprofit provider in 2011 introduced an applicant pre-screening survey based on five years of industry research. The study identified the measurable traits shared by top performers in direct-support positions, explains Leo Petrini, co-founder of talintel. Talintel used the data to develop an online survey for potential applicants who are scored on the degree that their personal traits match those of top performers in direct support.

“HR professionals have long recognized that applicants whose personal characteristics closely fit the requirements of a direct-support position are more likely to succeed and deliver excellent support,” says Petrini.

Quality of care and reduced costs are even more critical as outcomes-based reimbursements become the dominant model in human-services. The California provider experience shows that agencies can control staffing costs AND improve the quality of care. The agency, which employs more than 200 direct-support staff, experienced dramatically reduced turnover after it began using the talintel system.

Combined savings in unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation premiums totaled more than $268,000 for the agency in 2015. The agency invested a major portion of the savings into raises for its direct-support staff, helping to reduce compensation-related turnover and to enhance their competitive position in the local labor market. Other savings include the optimization of training investments and improved efficiency in recruiting when HR can focus on the most promising applicants.

Petrini, an experienced management consultant who has been focused on the use of psychometric research in employee-selection systems, spearheaded the research study that led directly to the development of talintel. The study involved over 1,000 participants as well as academic researchers from University of Minnesota, University of Nevada and Baylor University.

“The opportunity to enhance the efficiency of staff recruitment while dramatically reducing costs and improving consumer experience in the human-services profession has become my passion,” says Petrini. “And now we are seeing the impact of our research on the visionary agencies that were among the first to implement its findings and see its benefits.”

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talintel-cuts-workers-comp-costs-45-reduces-turnover-through-innovative-online-screening-300391659.html

Contact: Leo Petrini
Contact Title: President, talintel inc.
Tel.: (775) 267-9868
Email: lvp@talintel.com
Website: www.talintel.com


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Leo Petrini at (775) 267-9868, or email lvp@talintel.com

PLEASE NOTE: You can also download the case study that tells the story of how the California provider managed to cut costs and increase quality as healthcare resources dissipate by implementing new innovative industry research findings. Download Case Study Here or click the button below.

Guatemalan Designer with Down Syndrome Shatters Stereotypes

Isabella Springmühl, a Guatemalan designer

Isabella Springmühl, a Guatemalan designer with Down Syndrome that is taking the fashion world by storm.

Imagine for a moment that you have had a strong unshakable passion for becoming a fashion designer since you were 6 years old. You decide to follow your passion and apply to study fashion design to make your dreams come true. Then imagine that you get rejected from the schools you eagerly applied to because they view that you have a condition that they feel is a liability, even know it has no bearing on your abilities.

That is exactly what happened to Isabella Springmühl, a Guatemalan designer with Down Syndrome. Despite the rejection, Isabella continued pursuing her dreams creating a fashion portfolio that is capturing the attention of the fashion world.

Read more about Isabella’s story here.

2016 Rio Paralympics

With most of the world focused right now on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, there is something very special coming after the games conclude. While some of the most well known Olympic athletes make their way home from Rio, another group of super star athletes will be busy preparing for their arrival to Rio to demonstrate to the world their superhuman abilities at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

On September 7th, 2016 athletes from 176 countries from around the world will take the world stage and accomplish what many may never dream is possible. While overcoming odds that would defy most people, these superhuman athletes will show the world that anything is truly possible no matter what challenges we face in life.

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will truly be an inspiration to all. It is our hope that you get a chance to tune in and watch some of the most incredible people in the world as we plan to do.

Eating Soup with a Fork

HR management professionals continuously conduct and publish research that identifies the most effective and ineffective HR practices and tools.

Find out how your current Selection practices stack up against those supported by research. A review and revision can help you:

  • Break the cycle of “recruit / hire / train / fire / recruit / hire / train / fire / …”
  • Cut turnover and eliminate most of the attendant costs and hassles.
  • Improve consumer satisfaction and enjoy more enthusiastic consumer referrals.

This report should help you assess your processes and measure your needs for new or revised selection processes. After you read this article, if you feel the need for process review, call us and we’ll share the actual experiences of immediate and sustained increases in recruiting, applicant flow, retention and dramatically improved consumer satisfaction. This is a big spoon!

You can access the report here: Eating Soup with a Fork


Hear the Thunder!


Can you hear it? A deep rumble in the distance resonates across the plane…

It’s the thunderous sound of the Oklahoma Thunder dashing across the basketball court in the NBA 2016 playoffs!

As a team that was transplanted from Seattle to Oklahoma City, the team and all of its supporters were faced with a huge organizational change. A new fan base, executives, players, and coaches had to strategically develop a plan to execute in the midst of change. They were challenged with these obstacles, but they have beautifully persevered.

As a long term support service provider, does this resonate with you?

Impending changes to reimbursement, quality measures, and workplace culture imply significant changes for the health and human services industry. What’s your game plan?

Download this article to see how the story of the Oklahoma Thunder can inspire industry leaders such as yourself to condition your agency for the upcoming season!

You can access the article here: Hear the Thunder!


Talent DNA video


If you have hired direct support professionals for long, you hired and trained employees who interviewed and tested as a good fit and yet some just wouldn’t do the job; they did it for a month or two, but eventually just left or were terminated for non-performance. Others were enthusiastic and tried hard, but for some reason just couldn’t do the job, not for lack of training, but a lack of natural aptitude.

In either case you ended up with another failed hire and possibly incidents of theft, abuse and neglect. If this sounds familiar than you will want to see this short video:

Access Video

FInd out how you can increase the success of your recruiting efforts when hiring Direct Support Professionals by watching a short video!

In this video you will learn:

  • How you can identify whether someone CAN and WILL do the job as a Direct Support Professional (DSP).
  • Why it is so important to get the right candidate for your DSP position.
  • Why many health care providers end up with bad hires that increase the possibility of theft, abuse, and neglect.
  • The two statistically distinct DSP roles dependent on the consumer profile

Get instant access the video here: Access Video