What is the real cost of turnover of Direct Support Professionals?

Monetary costs of turnover include increased overtime costs, Unemployment Insurance costs, workman’s compensation premiums, liability insurance premiums, auto insurance premiums, training costs, recruiting advertising costs, employment agency fees as well as other costs associated with reduced agency productivity.


What are the non-monetary costs of turnover?

High turnover among direct support staff adversely impacts staff morale, consumer satisfaction levels, staff career satisfaction and agency reputation.


Does talintel have I/DD clients?

Yes, talintel was developed from an industry cooperative research study exclusively comprised of I/DD agencies and is currently used by I/DD agencies in 45 states.


What is the talintel survey system?

The talintel survey is a research based pre-screening tool that measures the natural fit of applicants to the responsibilities required for top performance in each of two roles that are based on consumer profiles of those to be supported. The talintel system helps HR prioritize processing so that applicants with the highest probability of success are processed first. HR still applies all HR best practices in selecting among applicants for new hires.


Is the talintel survey a test?

No, the talintel survey is a psychometric assessment that compares an applicant’s self reported personality traits, interests and attitudes to those that the research identified to be unique to top DSP performers in each of two roles. It is not a test and no applicant can pass or fail. Applicants whose self reported traits match those traits found to be unique to top performers in one or both roles must still meet all other agency employment requirements and satisfy all HR best practices before HR extends an offer of employment.


Can we use talintel to pre-screen applicants for positions other than direct staff?

No, the talintel survey is the product of research exclusively devoted to identifying traits unique to top performers in a direct staff support roles. talintel survey results have no meaning for any other position.


Can current employees take the talintel survey?

We believe EEOC Guidelines would limit use of the talintel survey for applicant pre-screening only and should not be given to current employees.


How many times can the applicant take the survey to improve their scores?

Individuals cannot “improve” their scores since there are NO good or bad scores only accurate or inaccurate scores. Accurate scores are in the best interest of the applicant, agency and consumer since accurate self reported traits are used to determine the degree of match between the applicant and the demands of the position. Research indicates that the most accurate scores are those from the first completion of the survey by applicants who self report their traits in the most honest manner possible.


Can applicants cheat on the survey?

Applicants may respond in ways other than how they truly feel, which will create an inaccurate report. Applicants who ask others to complete the survey for them or who ask others to coach them in choosing responses will produce a completely inaccurate report.


What is the significance of the roles?

The industry cooperative research study statistically identified two distinct roles based on the consumer profile of those supported. New hires should be assigned to support consumers whose profile is consistent with the applicant’s talintel scores.